We believe in the power of ideas to change people and the world around us. We believe in treating our customers with respect and dignity, and ask nothing less in return. We grow through creativity, invention and innovation


Our core business is designing, creating or delivering our niche banking, innovation and transformation courses, through our partner network or one of our many, regularly scheduled global events, and through our bespoke consulting and transformation engagements with banks, governments and regulated financial services sector organisations.


Our key business skills lie in designing, packaging and delivering face-to-face, expert-led courses and training materials; customising or leveraging our Intellectual Property for specialist client engagements; and providing consulting expertise in strategy, transformation and innovation to banking and financial services companies, with a focus on fast-growth sectors and economies.


We recognise the impact of Fintech’s, Technology and changing demographics and behaviour on banking and regulated financial institutions. This means going about business differently. Simply doing ‘digital things’, like investing heavily in digital platforms, does not make anyone digital. With that in mind we set out to identify and address opportunities in this sector, partnering with leaders, opinion-makers & businesses who are executing on innovation & exploring advanced technologies.


Gary Collins

Gary Collins

CEO - Speaker, consultant & expert on the nexus between digital innovation, leading edge technologies, and core business value, captivated by the power of ideas to change individuals, organizations, & communities

AT Solveworx...

We work with clients to bring together the kind of big ideas that Banks, diversified Financial Services companies and governments are looking for, with a pragmatic down-to-earth view on business strategy and execution, summed up in our guiding statement “Sharing ideas that matter”

We have been around long enough to know, there is no ‘magic formula’. What is ‘best practice’ for one may be the equivalent of financial “Hara-Kiri” for another, and this reflects in the way we engage with our clients and customers, sharing our deep experience & deep subject matter expertise in banking, telecoms, strategy, technology, management & finance, to grow business and shareholder value