Mass Market Retail Banking


Modern banks realize that Innovation and Digital Nearly two decades after the introduction of Branchless Banking and Remote Banking Technology, many banks are still struggling to realise the benefits and to derive the value in Branchless Banking Networks. The use and take-up of traditional banking services (deposits, term deposits, savings and investments) remains low in emerging markets for low and un-banked customers and Cash is still King.
This does not mean there are no opportunities for the bank at this end of the market.
There is a definite requirement for Transactional type Retail Banking Services in this market, in the provision of person-to-person payments, domestic and international remittances, pre-paid purchases, and payment mechanisms. This represents a large opportunity to engage these customers, and to build a sustainable, profitable business with services crafted and priced to this end of the market.
Research has shown that the 'bottom 80%" of the market are still heavily reliant on Cash. Banks would like to introduce products that differentiate them in the market, and reduce cost to serve that end of the market. The key is introducing retail banking products and services that appeal to the mass-market & low-banked.
This course focuses on the latest retail banking trends and the future of retail banking. It looks at how to best improve banking customer experience through providing mobile money services and integrating state-of-the-art mobile payment platforms.
The course Director uncovers the strategies for banking the unbanked, while also looking at the Retail Banking Regulatory Framework, and gives insight into building a profitable retail distribution business, while meeting the bank's Financial Inclusion Strategy. This 2-day course in 'Mass Market Retail Banking' Course looks at case studies from banks around the world that have done this well, what are the commercial drivers, and how to build a Profitable, Sustainable Retail Banking Distribution Business Case.  

What you will learn

 What financial retail banking products & services your customers need and want
  How to differentiate the bank in a competitive market
  Mobile money services: case study equity bank vs. Mpesa
  How to capture retail banking market share & revenue
  How to compete with networks and managing complex relationships
  Building low-cost, scalable footprint, presence & networks
  How to build out distribution networks for mobile & branchless banking
  How to develop capacity, capability, products, services and ip within your bank.  

  •  Heads of Retail, Business, Operations & Marketing
  •  Retail Distribution Leaders & Operational Risk
  •  Project, Marketing, Innovation & Technology Practitioners
  •  Technology and Digital Innovation Leaders, Managers & Practitioners
Course Objectives & Outcomes

Digital Innovation and Transformation Strategy in Emerging Markets
  Retail Banking Trends and Strategies
  Retail Banking Products and Solutions
  The Three Critical Factors that drive Mass Market Banking
  Challenges before the Retail Banking Industry, Lessons & Case Studies
  Case Studies and Examples from Successful Banks
  What Banks can learn from Mobile Network Operators
  Banking Products and Services
  Retail Banking Pricing & Perceptions
  What we have to do to get there
  Improving Retail Banking Customer Experience
  Managing Growing Customer Numbers, Dormancy, Churn and Abandonment
  Access Channels
  - Branches
  - Mobile Banking
  - ATM's
  - POS
  - Agents
  Retail Banking Products & Value Added Services:
  - Account, Pre-Paid Cards and Digital Wallets
  - Prepaid Transactional Services 
      Bank Support Services through Call Centres and Internal Staff Capability
  Managing the Distribution Network for Mobile & Branchless Banking
  Customizing and Designing your Retail Banking Strategy for an Emergent Market ' Case Studies from Equity Bank & First National Bank - sub-Saharan Africa banks
  Retail Banking Products and Services, and Mobile Payment Technology Innovations for Emerging Markets
  How to provide the kind of Financial Services that our Customers need and want
  Capture Market Share & Revenue on a low-cost scalable base
  Building out the Retail Banking Distribution Network for Mobile & Branchless Banking
  Growing the Banks' Footprint & Presence at low-cost
  Solving the "Cash-in-Cash-Out" conundrum
 < Solving critical cash-handling, liquidity and security issues >
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Course Agenda

The Presence & Future Of Retail Banking
The Pillars Of Mass Market Retail Banking 
Banking Customer Experience: How To Speak To Customers 
Build Out Bank Support Services 
The Banking Customer Experience: Lead, Guide And Educate  
How To Get There: Best Practices And Lessons 
Develop Capacity, Capability, Products, Services And Ip Within The Bank
Managing Complex Relationships 

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