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Blockchain, Disruption & Change in Banking


“I think the fact that within the bitcoin universe an algorithm replaces the functions of [the government] … is actually pretty cool. I am a big fan of Bitcoin” - Al Gore, 45th Vice President of the United States

Burgeoning digital banking trends are almost irreversible & fuelled by a venture capital sector salivating at the almost limitless opportunities for growth. We are at the stage where the genie is squeezing itself out of the bottle, one-way ticket in hand – & ready for you to command...

Over two days, we will help you understand, & make sense of it all - by grasping the key concepts behind this complex technology, you will understand its strengths & its weaknesses & how it can be used in practice as part of an Innovation & Transformation strategy in Banking


 You will learn the challenges faced by regulatory demands, & examine case studies on how the new breeds of banks within (& outside) the R3 alliance, are exploring advanced technologies, using Blockchain & IoT ('Internet of Things'), AI & Robotics & executing on Innovation
 Key insights about those who are developing commercially viable ideas, like Deutsche Bank & Santander Bank, by removing friction from the customer journey & making big data actionable, & are early adopters
 How Venture capital funded startups have already started their strategic shift towards being banking platforms, while non-bank payment competitors like Visa, MasterCard & Amazon are exploring Blockchain-driven platformification & expanding digital payments.

  •  The 'C' suite (CEO's, CIO's )
  •  ED's, VP's, EVP's & seniors Leadership
  •  HR, Risk & Digital seniors Leadership
  •  Acquisitions, Strategy & Development Executives
  •  Project Managers & SME's
  •  Senior practioners & professionals

 What is Blockchain? A layperson’s view
 Introduction to the technology
 The Power of Blockchain – the 10 core pillars of strength
 The Achilles Heel of Blockchain – 10 core weaknesses, dangers & risks
 Anonymity & pseudo-anonymity
 Privacy & secrecy
 The tools used to obscure identity within Blockchain
 The dis-intermediation of trust & the implications for Banks & Regulators
 The auditing power of Blockchain
 Regulation & identity
 Blockchain, BitCoins & the power to subvert
 Blockchain; Trust, Secrecy & Criminality
 Crypto-Currencies, Tax, Evasion & Fraud
 Regulation, identity & Crime using Tech to subvert tax systems
 How should Governments, regulators, authorities & business respond?
 South America, Argentina, currency controls, International Payments & Crime
 Legal precedents & implications
 Case studies & Real-world examples
 The (almost) unlimited applications of Blockchain Technology
 Converge, IOT, AI & Robotics

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