Enterprise Blockchain in Banking & Financial Services

 Course Overview

Why are 'Smart Contracts' not smart at all? How is BitCoin contributing to global warming? Can robots really replace people?

Solveworx professional Blockchain courses take a sensible look at what lies behind the buzzwords. The Blockchain Series is designed for non-technical delegates who want to understand the implications of the latest Innovation buzzwords - Blockchain, Distributed Ledgering, AI and Innovation - without a PHD in Engineering

Our training courses start at the  business end  of the issues affecting Banking & Financial Services today.

Blockchain – as a technology – appears suitable for a narrow set of use cases. In fact, many of the solutions proposed don’t fit the requirements, and ‘smart contracts’ could just as easily be implemented on a central or locally consistent framework. So what should companies be thinking about when considering Blockchain Technololgy? We believe it's more productive to think of blockchain as a contributor to a larger digital banking trends. What do those digital banking trends look like?

The course is hosted & presented by Tim Lea, author of new guide to BlockChain, "Down the Rabbit Hole" & Gary Collins, former Head of Digital Innovation at Westpac, and regular speaker and author of articles on digital innovation, with guest experts on Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing & Robotics & Automation

For those Banking & Financial Services leaders, managers & decision-makers who want an introduction to the major concepts and interesting dip of the major talking points of the day, in a language bankers will understand

Who Should Attend?

  •  Employees & professionals whose job or industry is touched by technology
  •  Tech, Banking, Finance, Business
  •  Digital, Retail & Electronic Banking Leaders
  •  Product & Channel Heads & Managers (Digital, Mobile)
  •  Programme & Project Managers & SME's
  •  Strategy, HR Excecutives & Managers

What you will learn

  • A dive into the major disruptive technologies of the day
  • Blockchain, BitCurrencies & distributed ledgers - how they work & what they mean
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Fintech - will the real disruptors please stand up?
  • 'Post-Truth', techno-hype & reality in business & popular culture
  • Why are "smart contracts" not so smart?
  • Is Artificial Intelligence as good as we think?
  • Why is FinTech a 'Thing'
  • What does Automation mean for work, jobs & employment
  • Will 'bots ever pass the credibility test?
  • People & the future of work
  • Brave new world or dystopian nightmare

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